New forum favicon?

Hello all together,
may I suggest that the icon (favicon or whatever those are actually called) of the forum and main websites is changed to only the endeavourOS logo without the text below it?
The reason is that in most contexts the icon will be displayed so small that nobody would be able to read the name anyway, and I think it would give a more clean look just to have the logo. :upside_down_face:



Thank you, for pointing it out, I completely forgot about that logo.

Just for testing to see the size :enos:

I will prepare one without the name only for emoji which has the name for now…


Thanks, i was about to message you. :wink:

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I will also redo the one below !!
But I noticed that it’s not the same on mobile and desktop, on mobile there is white around it, it seems to miss transparency ?

I noticed that a year ago, also. I don’t know why that is.

EDIT: I’m out for a couple of hours, so you know when I’m not reacting.

Bryan, what is the way to add a .svg file to download here on the forum, I couldn’t ?

There are here :