New display, logout after screen goes off

I got a new monitor, BenQ EX3501R. I’m having some issues with how Linux is handling input switching or if the screen goes off (suspending the system for example). If I switch my input to my VM, Linux will log out. If I suspend the system it will resume with the login screen, user logged out. It acts the same if I unplug my HDMI/display port and plug it back in.

Is this an issue with Wayland, KDE or Linux in general?

This would not be an issue if I just used Linux and left my system and display on at all times, but I constantly switch between a VM or go afk for 10-30 minutes and then the display goes off to save energy.

Edit: forgot to mention that this also causes audio devices to reset, so that default built-in audio device sets to HDMI instead of Digital Stereo (IEC958). I have to manually go to advanced audio settings and switch it back. Very annoying.

Edit2: I managed to work around this by setting “never lock screen” under workspace settings. It’s not really a fix though… But seems to be working for now.

Edit3: Looks like “never lock screen” is not even a workaround. Just shut down my VM and host OS had logged out when I switched back to HDMI.

Edit4: gave up on this and switched display port for the host and HDMI for the guest. Linux works flawlessly with DP, no log outs. Downside of this is that my dGPU doesn’t support free sync with HDMI, so I have to play without it on windows. I’ll have to come up with a better solution or buy a radeon GPU, which I should probably do anyways for this monitor.

if you can hands on a good radeon, is good investment, but research of types is golden…

Also for freesync you have to enable it… workout i dont know if freesync is in in current linux kernel i gues yes, but in linux-zen was it longer… or you have the valves kernel… aco is also in mesa but is sure older then mesa-aco-git lol

Free sync works on my current GPU with display port, but not HDMI. I don’t really care about Linux support for free sync, since I don’t play games on Linux.

Somebody told me that this issue with HDMI is a bug with kwin and should be fixed soon. Waiting for that (and big navi cards) before buying anything. :stuck_out_tongue: