New Deepin-Terminal

As many updates have been pushed to repositeries for Deepin, you will notice Deepin-terminal version is but you will have a big Surprise ; you can’t choose no more the the Theme : there is only “Dark, Light and System” .
I don’t personnaly like it : I’ve downgraded the package deepin-terminal to version Now I can choose my theme

That seems to be what deepin is moving to across the board now. They are eliminating theming except for light/dark/auto, at least via the UI.

That being said, be aware, you won’t be able to hold the terminal back forever. Once the underlying libraries change, you will either need to move forward or build the old version from source.

Alternatively, you could just use a different terminal.

Deepin eliminate the right to rename extension file from Deepin manager !!!

It’s only going to get worse. They are forking the corporate version.

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