New August ISO 2019-08-17

I have just reinstalled with the new ISO and i have noticed some of the changes. Thanks for fixing the lock screen. I have also noticed the ability to have tabs in the terminal. That’s pretty awesome. I see work spaces also on the task bar and task manager. I know there are a number of other changes and fixes such as a new version of the installer. I just want to say thanks to for all the hard work that’s gone into this release.


Just out of curiosity, I’m working off the 7/15/19 iso. I’m completely updated, and yet my lock screen still doesn’t work. How can I get this fixed? I’ve tried deleting and reassigning the xflock4 in keyboard using Ctrl-Alt-L. Any tips?

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Erp! Nevermind. I found the following (and am using it successfully) through the Xfce-ArchWiki:

Lock the screen

xflock4 is the reference Bash script which is used to lock an Xfce session.

It tries to lock the screen with either xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver, slock or xlockmore. It consecutively looks for the corresponding binary or exits with return code 1 if it fails to find any of these four.

The List of applications/Security#Screen lockers contains a short description of these four screen lockers together with other popular applications. There is in this list an alternative locker, light-locker, which integrates particularly well with xfce4-power-manager. Once it is installed, Xfce Power Manager’s setting gains an additional Security tab to configure light-locker and the existing Lock screen when system is going for sleep setting is relocated under this tab. In this new GUI it is possible to set whether the session should be locked upon screensaver activity or whenever the system goes to sleep.

To have xflock4 run light-locker or any custom session locker, not among the four cited above, one must set LockCommand in the session’s xfconf channel to the command line to be used (the command inside the quotes in the following example can be adapted accordingly for other screen lockers):

$ xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /general/LockCommand -s " light-locker-command --lock " --create -t string

The panel lock button in the Action Buttons panel simply executes /usr/bin/xflock4 . It should work as expected as long as xflock4 is functioning i.e. one of the native lockers is installed or a custom locker is configured to integrate with it as proposed above.


If you want the new configs from latest ISO you can inject this ones also, but it would remove all changes you already make to the settings for xfce4.



I want to “second” ricklinux’s praise for the new iso and personally thank the developers for it. The new iso is much better than the original one was, good as that one was (especially considering that it had been created in less than two months!)

Installation can still be a bit tricky but if you READ and COMPREHEND the instructions which appear on the first desktop after the live iso mounts, you will have no trouble.

Note to the Developers: would it be possible to put those instructions somewhere in the Applications Menu on a permanent basis? I know that you generally only install once, but having these instructions available to read might help someone being shown an EndeavourOS installation who wants to install it on his/hers.

Just my own thought …

THANKS AGAIN to the Developers for this wonderful GNU/Linx Operating System.



The ISO works great. My only issue is the new xfce4 4.14. When the desktop loads the video on the screen goes fuzzy, or colors or wonky or how ever you want to describe it for a split second. I was never an Xfce user and i actually like it but i dislike this so i went back to Cinnamon and i don’t get that. Now i do have this particular computer hooked up to hdmi out to a tv. But it doesn’t do this on Cinnamon. I know this is an issue with Xfce version 4.14 as it didn’t do this prior to the updated version. I just put Cinnamon back on until somehow there is a fix for this. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same background image. It happens when the desktop loads and transitions from the existing background to the desktop background even if it’s the same.
Update: I have just tried what @ringo had suggested before for some of the xfce4 video issues and it seems to work for this one too. xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/vblank_mode -s off

So i am going to reinstall Xfce4 again and test it more.

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Those instructions are also in the wiki

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xpresent or off can do or using linux-lts :slight_smile: is between current kernel and composition further i dont know :slight_smile: is vega related


@ringo It seems to work. I don’t have any problem with the video it is just when it transitions to the desktop background even if it’s the same background image. This seems to have fixed it as now it just loads the bottom task bar and the image with no video distortion.

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Korean install seems to work also:


very good work

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Hi, I’m new here!

I tried the first ISO image when Endeavor OS was first released. Sadly the installer kept failing for me. I don’t know the reasons why it did. In any case, I tried this new release and it worked like a charm! I run traditional Arch on my laptop, but I wanted to try something quick and easy to get running with an Arch base, and hearing good things about Endeavor on shows like This Week In Linux and Destination Linux, I decided to give this a shot!

Suffice to say, this distro rocks. I’ve been using Linux on and off since they used to bundle OpenSUSE for stores. I’ve in the last few years decided to fully commit myself to open source software. It hasn’t been a huge hurdle since I’ve always been interested in computers since the days of DOS.

Now, as far as the installation process went, there were a few hiccups in this new ISO, but nothing major. When I first logged onto the LiveCD, the middle part of the XFCE desktop started freaking out. I dunno if it was a graphics driver issue or what. The next was that my wired ethernet connection kept going off and on. If you guys want, I can get on the LiveCD again and email you the dmesg output! But everything is
working fine after I installed it now.

Overall, I look forward to what you guys are doing next for this community and all fans of Arch worldwide!


Welcome. Happy to hear you have EndeavourOS installed. Stick around and join in. You will learn much from all here.


I installed the new ISO when it came out and i still haven’t got the updated kernel. 5.2.9 All my other EndeavourOS converted machines have it? Doesn’t seem like I’m getting the update? Still runnning 5.2.8

Have you looked into the following article:

I did set this up and it updated the kernel after a while.

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