New Atlantis update

Hi. I see that there’s a new EOS release. Do i need to have a fresh new install? Can i just update from pacman? What can i do if i don’t want to lose everything again ? XD



Just update like normal.

Welcome to a rolling release distro :partying_face:


I am not used to that XD. Before endeavour i used debian distros and never experienced a new Arch Distro update :stuck_out_tongue:

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You have now :wink: :innocent:


Well in Arch Land there is really no such thing like “distro update”. Everything is updated as soon as they are released (almost).

So you don’t need to reinstall when enOS releases a new ISO as everything considering the packages etc are already on your system.

What you need to do (IF you WANT) is to do some configure changes, like replacing pulseaudio with pipewire. But only if you want to.

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