New Arch on the block!

It is based on Archlinux packages for manjaro unstable repository. Some packages are rebuild to work with some manjaro only tools.

So, you’re lying, from a technical point of view. Nothing less, nothing more.

Looks like I have to keep calm. Never make a moderator angry. Never.

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your Point !!!

Useless to whom, useful for what?

It all comes down to the personal perspective and preferences.

I guess thanks to a distro like Manjaro, many new users who find/found Arch rather esoteric, could get acquainted with its workings and take the leap.

So useless to whom, useful for what?

Good question!

To be clear: is your computer a toy or a tool? :smiley:

Or not. I can understand people staying years and years with Manjaro.

Once again, good question. It depends on the target. For geeks from head to feet, a new distribution is always a good news.

But for older geeks from head to feet who have known linux back in the 1990s or the 2000s, time for better finished distributions is now the answer.


Manjaro is the closest equivalent in the Arch-based world to what Ubuntu is to Debian. It is not useless in any shape, way or form.


In my case, both. Then again I’m privileged to have one for each use case. :blush:

Manjaro offers very little as an Arch fork, its just a repo copy and paste with a handful of poorly written scripts and tools that supposedly make it “beginner friendly”. At least other Calamares based Arch forks use the Arch repos.

But their goal is not a better Linux “beginner” distro, it is the monetization of Arch and the tireless work of the Arch community, without contributing upstream.

We will have to agree to disagree on this one.

Another thing Ubuntu and Manjaro have in common … Shuttleworth and Muller are both pretty shady characters, but that is a discussion best left to reddit.

No it’s not.

LOL, someone’s been drinking the coolaid. This has been the ultimate goal since inception.

The PR spin is that Manjaro is not Arch but a distro in its own right, an independent brand distancing itself from Arch, built for beginners. Its not. Its nearly all Arch packages, on delay, with a few tools, custom config, painted green.

If Arch folded tomorrow Manjaro would not exist. In any form. They maintain very few of the packages in “their” repos. Arch team members and trusted users do. Nearly all of them.

If Manjaro folded tomorrow not that many would care, at least not for long. Most would just migrate to a different Arch fork, or even Arch itself.

Bottom line is Manjaro is just another Arch fork. Very similar to all the others with a graphical installer. See the “Convert Manjaro to EndeavourOS” thread. Not that complicated a process as they are not that different.

I would argue Manjaro’s own repos, and the haphazard snap of Arch packages into these repos, makes it less useful. This introduces more issues than it addresses, particulary in terms of security and the timely release of patches.

Back on topic, I’ll give this new Arch spin a run in a VM. I don’t consider it any more or less useful than other Arch forks. They all gotta start somewhere.


Same with Garuda Linux :slight_smile:

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Well someone’s had the cool-aid, but it’s not me.

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I met a dude from Belgium who spoke English with a British accent on top of his Belgian accent. It was torture to converse with him. We would’ve been better off using sign language.


I guess it’s more what Mint is to Ubuntu. :grin:

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Or Mint to Debian?

Oh, I forgot there is LMDE.


With the edit - sure!

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i will say that is not always just copy and paste

  • they have grub ( manjaro )
  • they have kernels ( and always version rc )
  • they have mwd tools
  • they build any new manjaro version in unstable from KDE , Gnome themselves

if this is “just a copy and paste” , why they dont use arch repos ?

  • another thing , it works since many years ( more than 5 years ) , see how many distributions works after 5 years

:exploding_head: … it bash week? never understand this side of Linux


I consider this thread to be derailed and no longer productive. It has gone entirely off topic from the initial posters intentions. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend! :hugs: