New Arch on the block!

…or at least new to me :blush:



What? No KDE? :disappointed:

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It uses kwin if that is some consolation…

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This site can’t be reached

The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


It can on my end though :thinking:

Try the YT:

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just press refresh a few times till it works. seems like they have some issues with the hosting or the site itself.

Intereseting DE. clean and modern.

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If i just click on the link it just puts it in the URL bar only and i press enter and it goes to the site. Don’t know why.

I suspect invidious is doing a random redirect to load balance - putting it in the bar bypasses that.

Video no available that route though - gotta go to youtube…

YouTube is probably making more changes to block Invidious instances. :woman_shrugging:

Another project that will be dead within 6 to 12 months.

I’ll called it a Franckly Useless GNU/Linux Distribution.

Well, if some people think making another distribution will help linux to be more powerful in the desktop world, they’re completely wrong.

Just a 15 years long linux-only user speaking here.

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2021, the year of the Linux desktop!!


EndeavourOS … coming to a desktop near you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: EndeavourOS is not the new kid on the block. It is the street named Endeavour!

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@felixonmars is involved


gparted is still the best disk management software… no matter how pretty qt is.


I like the environment . Clean and simple !


1.5 gb looks like a lot of bloat to me

You mean the size of the ISO?

Otherwise mem usage after a fresh boot is 551 Mb. Doesn’t look like a lot of bloat:

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Not for the ISO, I mean Endeavour’s ISO is 1.9Gb :slight_smile:

But I’d echo some of the comments here about questioning the need for yet another distro of Arch.

However, it’s new and early days, but realistically, how many times can Arch be respun into another distro?

This is one of the main issues why Linux will likely never achieve mainstream popularity: fracture.


And a good thing it is, too! Have you ever had to deal with the great masses of Win users on a help desk basis? :shushing_face: If not - try not to imagine it… it could ruin your good night’s sleep! The freedom to fracture is a necessary - and sometimes the ‘expert cutters’ come up with a diamond - like here! Other times - just dust…


I keep reiterating my idea that with great popularity comes great corporation. Giant, non-fractured Linux is easy to control and subvert because it is vulnerable to underfinance.

But fractured it’s like a sea of sand-grains, each with its own captain. Try controlling each grain if you can. You can definitely buy some of them, but that would accomplish nothing, there still remain hundreds. I welcome the addition of this new distro to the Arch family.

There already exists Linux for the masses. Ubuntu is such a beast. And behold, many serious Linux users would not touch it with a 5 meter pole because it reeks of corporation. That’s what this “united Linux” would look like too.