New and updated wiki articles

A lot of you found their way to the wiki, but some articles were refreshed or even newly added without you knowing in the past weeks.

So here are some articles you might not know they exist.

The nvidia-installer page has a newly added Optimus section by @Wimmetje


The EndeavourOS Greeter App that appears first on screen is absolutely GENIUS.
This has to become the identity of EndeavourOS, very useful, a necessity.
I found all informations that I need from it to start then I discovered that you do a lot with. :rocket:

For a better read, would be more accurate to align contents on the left for all buttons, particularly on the AFTER INSTAL tag where there are lot of them.

Moreover, some icons appears on the buttons even if my setting is not checked :
☐ Afficher les images sur les boutons (Show the pictures on the buttons)

To finish, like you see the Greeter EndeavourOS is only in English on my French EndeavourOS which is confusing when all the OS is in French ! If you need a translate in French for Greeter App, you could send me the text file or tell me where I could access it ?


Hello and thanks for the great feedback!

Your ideas are great. But let me first explain something about the implementation of the welcome app.

The welcome app is a bash script and all dialogs have been made with the yad tool.
In its current form, welcome is not very flexible in terms of localisation nor graphics capabilities.

The alignment of icons and text inside buttons was the original plan, but yad did not provide means to implement it (or at least I didn’t find a way to do so).
Also, the implementation of the bash script unfortunately does not provide a chance to use different languages by simply changing a text file, as all text strings are hard-coded into the app. To implement that would take some time, and I cannot promise that any time soon, sorry.

In addition, the welcome app is not using any of the settings provided by the Appearance application. That explains why those settings do not affect welcome app at all.

But if you feel eager enough to look at the code and maybe implement the parts that you asked for, you are more than welcome to do so!

This is a link to the source code:


Hello @manuel,

Thanks to share information about implementation of Greeter, I’m reading about YAD to learn how it works.

yad --help-all

Like you said, it provides nothing to align text or icon inside button !
Still need to search for a solution…

I’m very interested in this Greeter windows which is very useful, from it I got EndeavourOS alive. Don’t be sorry, for now, everything is working well, no need to run with that.

I’m going to check your link.

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Hi @manuel,

I got some news about align text INSIDE button from YAD.
After to test it and look for an answer everywhere, I finished with your conclusion, it’s impossible to align text INSIDE button with YAD. But, in case, I decided to ask to Victor Ananjevsky the guy from YAD and this is his answer here :

this is impossible right now, but I think this is a nice feature and I’ll add such option in one of next release.

Great to know it for future. :rocket:

That’s really great news, thanks! Can’t wait to use the new yad version!