NetworkManager fails to connect wifi

That driver has an error, I just gave them my bugreport.

I also reported this issue to NetworkManager:

The only think i can suggest is look at the Arch wiki and go through the steps to troublshoot. This particular chips seems to be an issue every time i come across it. Not sure if others got it working or replaced it.

Its not only this realtek chip. I ordered a couple of lenovos for work and instead of intel they ship with the proprietary realtek. No wifi of course. I sent them all back last week​:worried:

I am not even sure the issue here is with a bug in Network manager but rather the realtek driver that doesnt play nice with linux kernel and other open source software.

So the best advice I saw online for these is to swap the realtek for intel card. The rest can be hit and miss and instability.

The Realteks are hit and miss. I have the RTL 8822CE on my HP which works as there is a module for that one.


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Did you play around with other settings? Like CA certificate, security protocol, etc?

The wifi card is embedded inside the laptop. It is a small laptop with detachable screen and it doesn’t have a single screw, so I don’t think that replacing the wifi card is an option. Maybe I can buy an external usb wifi module, can that work? And if yes, can you please give me a tip what to buy and what not? I already know that I should avoid Realtek.

I didn’t play with any other settings.

I tried downgrading NetworkManager to 1.32.4, 1.32.2, 1.10.6 but I wasn’t even able to launch them because of a weird error. It was a different error in each case.

What is the laptop model brand?

UMAX VisionBook 10Wr Tab

So it’s really a tablet.

What desktop did you install on it?

Yes, but I don’t like tablets, so I call it laptop with detachable screen :smiley:
I have xfce desktop.

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So currently how are you using it if there is no wifi?

I don’t use it, I have a different one and I copy there stuff using an usb flash disc.

I don’t know what to tell you other than i know this particular realtek chip is an issue. It’s difficult as i don’t just have an answer that is going to make it work. Maybe get a usb wireless like this one that will work.

Is tp-link a good brand?

That’s what i use. That one should have the broadcom chip. I have the same one but in a desktop Pci-E card. They aren’t expensive.

Thanks for tip!

I bought TP-LINK TL-WN725N and it works nicely even without installing any additional drivers.

That one is an N mini adapter but they do work good. Just not as fast as the one i mentioned as it is AC dual band. But glad you got it working and i understand it would be better on the tablet anyway because is smaller and won’t be sticking out. Probably a lot cheaper too. :grinning:

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