Network with wine 9.1 and kindleforpcKindleForPC 1.17.44183

My goal is to get rid of the DRMs on the ebook I bought. I tried all methods so far, with many versions of dedrm, everything fails, and the files aren’t even recent.
I’m trying now KindleForPC, as it is the only method which at some point, I did make work, years ago.
It works with wine, except it can’t access the network.
This is a nightmare, I can sense my blood pressure increasing, this is not healthy at all… Please someone help me.

try a virtual machine

I do not have the skills to do that, let alone making it networkable.
But I am ready to try if I get a step-by-step guide.

Why not just use Calibre?

extra/calibre 7.4.0-1
    Ebook management application
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Because I want to remove the DRMs, and one method, the only that ever worked for me, is using kindleforpc.
However, if anyone does currently have a method that works for him, please contact me by MP so I can give my files and identifiers for you to crack.

I’m more and more convinced this will be the only way.

Just use install Virtualbox.
sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox
Then create a vm and install Windows on that.