Network status indicator does not show in the top panel on Budgie, nor is it available as a widget

The only way to connect to WiFi on the Budgie Endeavour desktop is by going to ‘Settings’, and putting in the password under ‘Security’ when a wifi network is discovered, but the status indicator for network connection is completely missing from the top bar at the moment, and there is no automatic prompt to enter the wifi password, so it isn’t easy to figure out whether a user is connected to the internet, or not.

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Hello @mareklachbc
I think you need to just install network-manager-applet. Then log out and back in.

yay -S network-manager-applet


Oh! Right. Forgot about that. It’d probably ship by default tho…

I installed it on virtual and got it working. So give it a try.

just added it to be installed per default for budgie:


Thanks @joekamprad
I just installed it again and the network icon is there. I wanted to ask what do i need to install to have the setting in the raven panel for desktop folders. I can’t figure it out. Solus has this installed so the Budgie desktop settings allow folders on the desktop. I know it’s something to do with Gnome?

it’s an extension of gnome

I can’t figure out which?

gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons 19.10.2-1

1 Like it was this video that gave me the idea of looking on pamac

Welcome on the forum amd again thank you for your donation and for reporting this, Budgie isn’t the daily driver of either of us, so your feedback helps us improve it. As you can read @joekamprad fixed it already.