Network manager issue

Hello, I have strange problem today. When I boot my laptop I see nautilus window like that:

In that file I see text: Network Manager is online
What happened here?


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It looks like the check page for network manager is down.

You can change to another server for or disable the connectivity check as described here.

Hello, that is old threat. I don’t have that issue no more.

Oh I see, sorry! I was irritated that there was a fresh answer…

If there is a solution in this thread can someone please mark it. I can then close the topic.

Sorry, but I don’t have solution. I don’t know what happen but that issue gone after two days if I remember wright.

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There is no real solution apart from switching to another server for the check, so I guess there is no harm in silently closing this one. @koniuszko ok for you?

Hi, You can close that issue.