Network Manager is gone

Hello, I open laptop today and I don’t have internet. I think I uninstall network-manager because it’s gone. I uninstall only libimagemagick because was broken last week.
How can I fix my system (gnome)? I can’t connect cable.

Look into the package cache to see if you have networkmanager cached away in there:


If it is in there, open a terminal in that directory and run:

sudo pacman -U networkmanager-1.32.12-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Or whatever latest version you got in there.

If not I guess you need to download it from a device with Internet connection and move it manually to the mentioned folder and install it.

Here are some mirrors:

The package you want is:

extra/networkmanager 1.32.12-1
    Network connection manager and user applications

from extra repo.

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Hi, I did this but still don’t have internet. I see now wifi icon with “?” sign but cannot connect. In network settings I see that I must start network manager service. But when I try I have:
sudo systemctl start network-manager.service i see service not found.


sudo systemctl enable --now NetworkManager.service

If that won’t work, please provide some system info for those who might be able to spot the issue:

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I try that and status shows that service is active but still cannot connect to internet.

Maybe my issue is related to yours.

Thanks. My wifi is working now. I have to remove my broken wireguard from nm-connection- editor.

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