Network connection

Hon long should it take before the developers fix internet connection lost after hibernate? It lost both on cable connection and wifi randomly.

It drivning me nuts.

Debian, mx and other Debian based never lost it.

They’re on their way to your house right now, but traffic is a bit of a twat today.

Seriously, though.


if you would kindly give some information about your system and used Desktop Environment we could try to find a solution to this problem.



FYI: Your post comes across as entitled and offensive. Very much Karen-ish.

@Reemz has given you the correct way to ask questions, and @joekamprad has very graciously asked you to explain your system. @joekamprad is actually one of the developers, however the developers are not paid for their work, and they are merely repackaging Archlinux, not developing it. Linux is made of many components that are designed to work together, but sometimes there are difficulties, and more often than not it is due to hardware problems with the Linux kernel, and drivers for that hardware where the UNPAID developers had to guess how things actually worked because the companies that make the hardware couldn’t see their way to providing documentation or help or decent drivers. All of which is nothing to do with the work that these developers you accuse of lazing about are tasked with.


Could you just post the output on inxi -n. At minimum this will tell us what network devices you have. It would be better if you could use the log tools such as those provided on the Forum Help section or from the Welcome screen to give us the full hardware output of your system and any other pertinent logs.

I’m sorry for my bad behavior I solved the problem, it was the r8168 driver I removed it and now it is working.

Thank you :sweat_smile:


That’s exactly what i expected was the problem. Glad you were able to resolve it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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