Network connection disappears and sudo does not respond after closing VMWare

Hi there, I’m new to arch flavoured distros and I have run into an issue that leaves me puzzled.

The one way to recreate it - albeit not every time - is for me to boot / resume a linux VM in vmware, work on it, suspend and then close vmware.

What happens next is I notice loss of network connection (which I realised when steam client would take forever to load), however it’s not manifested by wifi dropping or any information from the network interfaces.

I then try to read journal to see what’s what and that is when I run sudo journalctl ... and sudo is stuck. Does not ask for password, but does not do anything. Plus I cannot ^C from it. Terminal simply stops responding.

Overall system responsiveness deteriorates until a point where I reboot it and that’s where I am hit by stop jobs, so the reboot is not possible.

Here’s inxi

And here’s journalctl output from boot that exhibited the issue.

journalctl - it’s rather long, sorry about that.

so… hello again and thanks!

This issue happens on the vmware host?

If so, how did you install vmware?

Hi, yes, it’s on vmware host.

I have installed vmware using vmware .bundle file from vmware’s website.

That is not a good way to install on an Arch-based distro. It will cause challenges and be broken when the kernel version updates.

I would recommend fully uninstalling it using the bundle and then installing the AUR package, vmware-workstation instead. It uses a dkms module and has patches to improve compatibility.

Great, will do. Already started reading about it. Thanks.

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Back here already. quit vmware and lo and behold, sudo stuck when trying to uninstall it.

Here’s journalctl:

hi @dalto so I have another journal from after last time when I closed vmware to uninstall it. - is there anything apparent sticking out?

found out that there were processes stuck in D state. Anyway - will be uninstalling vmware’s bundle and installing it from AUR and will be monitoring if the issue is back.