Net speed widget is not working

The net speed widget is not showing any network usage. I have downloaded the following widget.

net speed

There is no internet usage shown.

Its like my system is not connected to any network, But my system was connected to my mobile hotspot network.


Seemingly it needs ksysguard :

Do you have that installed?

Edit- BTW, there is already a monitoring widget shipped with Plasma. You might want to load that up and have a look. It can be configured to give quite much info about your system:


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Where is that on kde?


This is it?


Yes, that’s it!
And be friendly with gnomies :wink:

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I don’t want any gnome enemies. They are all over the place! :laughing:

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On the config advanced tab what network interfaces are shown?

Wifi or bluetooth connection?

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wifi connection

i just added the system monitor sensor widget and its working.

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