Hi As some will know I moved OS.
I like my Terminator terminal to look good, this is getting there, are we there yet err NO.
All but the prompt is correct, powerlevel10k is lacking in my configuration attempt.
My old prompt, pic taken on a test EOS system for testing, nearly 8 months ago.
That’s what I am trying to replicate while adding/keeping some features.

Present Terminal and new prompt layout.
focusing on the prompt, now I would like to keep the Arch logo on white I like that
I would like to add the user before the house logo @Main <-the machine name.

According to the developer GitHub Romkatv it’s a matter of commenting and uncommenting
certain parts of a big file ~/.p10k.zsh see closed ticket " Old not like new | prompt configuration #2015 "

The file is too big to post here so I am going to post it on paste bin link below.
I am asking for help a nudge in the right direction, on the road to perfection, has anyone tackled this before? it’s as simple as hashing out and unhashing elements.
That link to paste bin —>

I have the file open in Notepadqq it has line numbers, you can tell me what to unhash Line 99 for example, or just upload a new pastebin that I can see.


Hi Nearly there, I have not uploaded a new pastebin. Just the colours to change.
That’s part of the task complete.

Hi Thanks to “thorpie_69” on discord pm’s. I now have a prompt, that all I have to do is change the 256 colour codes of the prompt.

Il’e leave this open in-case someone wants to ask for config file or something.
No more posts it will shrink down into oblivion, thanks thorpie.