"Neofetch" displays penguin instead of EndeavourOS logo

I’m sorry if this topic is in the wrong forum.

I updated EndeavourOS a few days ago, getting the Linux v6 kernel. But when I go running “neofetch” it gives me a penguin instead of EndeavourOS logo. I thought the latter looked kewl in text mode. :smiley:

This just in: I updated a very short time before coming to this forum. System said I had 34 “upstream” updates LOL.

As I’ve admitted elsewhere, I have EndeavourOS on an external USB v3.0 disk, not on the laptop’s internal HHD because it’s slow. The main GRUB entry reads: “EndeavourOS Linux, with Linux linux”. It looks strange, not worth reporting but I’m writing here anyway. No problems booting with this through GRUB.

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Run these two commands for fixing neofetch

sudo rm -rf /etc/lsb-release
sudo pacman -S lsb-release

Why wouldn’t you want a penguin? :flushed::cry:


I’d rather have the EndeavourOS logo LOL.

Thank you sradjoker. :tu:

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