Needing to do an installation soon

Not that I expect great numbers of changes, but is there a new ISO in the pipeline?
I do need to do a install/reinstall, but it’s not ‘must do today’. I’m happy to wait if something more current than Cassini is coming oh…by next month ?

We are always working towards the next release but nothing is releasing imminently.

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Being familiar with the Blizzard release schedule:

n. Soon: Sometime between now and the heat death of the universe, hopefully closer to the former than the later.

I guess you mean there is nothing close enough to say that it’s likely to come out in June? :slight_smile:

Why do you need to wait for a new ISO? If you choose to do an online install it downloads and installs the newest versions of all software.

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I know that. Just if I use a newer ISO, I download less and thus a bit faster.
I haven’t any urgency.

Unless you do an offline install and then update, you won’t download any less or faster.


Exactly what I wanted to say

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Yeah that’s true…I forgot that!

Just so you know, a successful installation this morning. I think I’ve gotten everything I can think of configured and ready to run with.
Thanks for reminding me of what I should have known (and once did) lol.


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