Needed to share this

Hello awesome community and distro!
Time flies and life keeps us busy. This pandemic brought a lot of changes into my life and the major one is that I’ve lost my old job , but found another. It’s a hard manual work, no tech and no time for checking the smartphone.
So, I was and still am absent form forums and telegram channel, just because I am working and when I’m not, I try to sleep as much as I can to recover.
Will try to find something in tech field, for the moment I try to save some money for the times ahead.
Just wanted to share this, devs and you all, as my translations were late or simply weren’t.
I managed to squeze some time today and came back to the forums.


First of all, we don’t expect you to be “on time” all the time, we are happy for the time you can spare and if you can’t, no problem.

I’m sorry to hear about your old job and great you’ve found another, in times like these we can’t all be picky and we all must eat, right?!?
Make the best of this difficult time, no matter how tough things may seem.


Sorry to hear about your job situation. Glad your doing okay. I saw you posted on the Romanian language. My grandmother came from Romania. Is that where you are from or you just speak the language? Stay well!


All the best from my side too!
And good luck with finding a more comfortable job that suits you!


I am from Romania, but emigrated for 15 years now.
Glad to hear that @ricklinux


@Bryanpwo not picky at all, I have bills to pay.
I am glad to have a job, lots of people that I know are jobless.l was lucky to find a job quickly.


Hi ! :slight_smile:
Understand situation currently :slight_smile:

I worked for 10years at a snack factory, after reorganisation in early january i lost the job… had to do a outplacement , to learn solicitation / interview… boring first couples of lesson was ok but later get bored… :slight_smile: found a job did that for few month and get jobles again, now for ± six week i do now currently job, but tomorrow will be my last day… :slight_smile: Next week i going back to another snack factory but in night shift… almost same what i did and cold environment… current job is always hot hot hot and lot of water, but after a shift i cant sweat anymore thats suck :slight_smile:
i know… is always dificult to learn new people , so next week again but hope for the future to stay if nothing happend :slight_smile:

but after losing the job had some money atleast so the bills could get payed and the job i did was bit of double :slight_smile:


Wonderful to see that you’ve found another job, regretfully after loosing the last one. This pandemic has truly turned the world upside down for all of us. You are fortunate that you found another job. We will always be here for you - irregardless of what your situation is. You also need your rest as well. The body, mind and soul needs to heal after a busy workday. Please stay healthy, and your body will look after you.

I’m not always on here either. I work on the front lines (produce clerk in a grocery store). My schedule is sometimes sporadic. And not only do I have to stay 2 m (6 feet) away from every customer - but also my associates! Thank heavens I have good friends and associates for support.

May your sleep be peaceful and restful. And may your days be filled with laughter and hope. If anyone wants to use those two sentences - go right ahead! We have to spread hope during this pandemic. Otherwise who will?