Need to learn how to follow wiki instructions

I’m trying to install Wine following the instructions from the Wiki

1. Prepare

Create the following bash scripts and make them executable with chmod;

title=$(basename "$0")
could some one please show me what I have to do

Not sure where you got this and what it’s related to. Wine can be installed from the AUR with yay.

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  1. Open your text editor
  2. Copy and paste the content as indicated on the Discovery article
  3. Save as
  4. Make executable: chmod +x
  5. Do the same for the other scripts

Wine is in multilib. I don’t see the need for the AUR. :confused:

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You are correct. I thought it was an AUR package. But still can be installed with yay. :wink:

Edit: I see it came from here that is why i asked as i wasn’t familiar with this.

I install everything with yay, AUR or not, just because… it’s easier and shorter to type than pacman, and I am just that lazy. :woman_shrugging:

Me too … yay makes it very easy.

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sorry for not answering sooner, experience black screen 3 times trying to install my nvidia driver; so thank you all for trying to help, I could not continue with instructions from the Wiki, they’re just a little to advance for me, and did not wanted to try AUR because the last time I tried it it just kept on for 10 minutes so I had to stop, I have install wine before several times in other OS’s, I know it does not take so many files and time to install; so I follow this instructions " How to Install Wine on EndeavourOS 2021 | Install Wine 6.16 on EndeavourOS | Windows Apps on Linux - YouTube " and it work perfectly ; so here I am in a very good looking system, super fast with every thing that I need and like. Once again thank you all for trying to help

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