Need help with worm keybinds/shortcuts

Hi, I have been using eos for a while with kde plasma as the de. Recently I learned about worm and got interested in the concept of window managers. I have installed the worm community edition on a vm and it looks really promising. However I don’t understand how to use the keybinds. For example, if i do super+q then the application stays in the bar(polybar i believe) but clicking on it doesn’t bring it up. I found the github and the keybinds don’t seem to be documented. Are these keybinds following some sort of standard I am unaware of?
(It’s my first post on the forums, lmk if I am using it correctly, have been lurking for a while, thanks)

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I and not knowledgeable about worm, but someone should be around to help.


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Here you can find more information.

For further clarifications, you can contact @codic12 .

The keybinds are here:

the bar is tint2, super+q closes the window. I have no idea why it remains in the bar for you, let me do a fresh install real quick and I will try to get back to you later today

Looks like this is some bug with either the tint2 configuration, or worm…

Note to myself: The issue looks to be this check in updateClientList which doesnt set the property if there are 0 values in the list. If you have only one window open and close it then you will have 0 values and it won’t update the property, which tint2 looks for with a propertynotify check.

Can’t test anything though, so if anyone is running worm, if you have two windows, it works if you close just one of them, right?

Yup, it works if there are two windows and I close one.

I solved the issue and will publish a new release with the fix soon, thanks :wink: