Need help with kde plasma wayland

plasma wayland issue, facing since 5.23 when i started using wayland, click-hover-feedback delay(please refer to video as its hard to explain), tried in laptop with i5 4310u and igpu and desktop with i3 10100f and amd rx 570. Is this a known issue? Is there any solution?

ps. sorry for sharing manjaro recording as i cant get obs to work in eos, but the issue is same in both.

If the problem happens only in Wayland then the solution would likely be to continue to use Xorg until Wayland support improves?

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First, welcome to the community!

Wayland on plasma is still considered experimental.

When you find Wayland specific bugs, you should report them upstream to kde so they can be fixed.

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could you tell me how?

The bug tracking system:

General guidance and instructions on the process:

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do you face it too? i cant find anyone mentioning it. How come its only me?

I don’t use Wayland with plasma. There are still too many issues for me.

Just because it hasn’t been reported doesn’t mean it is only you. Many plasma users don’t use Wayland. Of those that do, not all would even notice that issue. Of those that would, not all would take the time to file a bug report.

It could also potentially be hardware specific or specific to some other combination of settings/installed software.

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Ok thanks for your time kind stranger and fellow Archer.