Need help to understand if my GPU supports QHD resolution in 120hz+

I have a Yoga S740-14IIL - Type 81RS laptop, which has an integrated and a dedicated MX250 GPU.
I tried it out with a 2560x1440, 144hz external monitor, using HDMI (probably 1.4 or 2.0) cable, which goes into a USB hub, and that goes into the Thunderbolt port. The refresh rate was 60hz, but with 1920x1080 it managed 120hz. The results were the same with a similar laptop, which has MX350 card.
I searched for answers for over 1 hour on the internet and didn’t come to a conclusion.
Would it work with a DisplayPort cable? For that I would need a DisplayPort to USB-C adapter.

Max resolution: 3840x2160@60Hz (USB Type-C)


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Lots of cheap HDMI cables can’t do it. You will be able to get maximum output from Displayport.

That being said, as noted above, there’s a good chance outside of 1080p you’ll likely have less refresh. Displayport is definitely the best option available.

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