Need help testing the android emulator, maybe from someone who uses flutter

So I ran into this bug

I don’t have another pc running EndeavourOS, it would be nice if someone who already knows how to use the emulator or flutter would try this out on the latest emulator version.

Here is how to set up flutter It takes like 10 minutes to set it up, you just have to download flutter and add it to your bash-profile like this export PATH="$PATH:/home/xxx/Android/flutter/bin" Then you can add the Dart and the Flutter extensions to your IDE.

Then you just create the default demo app. Start it from the IDE then stop the app, then you can start it again from the android menu. For me it doesn’t start again just shows an empty screen. I had to revert to the previous version to keep using the emulator.

I just want to know if this happens on a regular setup, because I use ALHP and don’t want to revert back to the regular packages. Thanks in advance.

Right now I’m trying to find that file they mentioned, maybe it comes from somewhere and it’s wrong for some reason, but don’t know where it is supposed to be or where to look for it, google was not helpful with this. This never happened before after emulator updates.

find -L . -name 'libmappedcountercacheversionjni*' 2>/dev/null should find it, right?