Need help editing PKGBUILD of pamac-aur

Apparently, to enable snapd or flatpak plugin in pamac-aur, we must go and edit the PKGBUILD and change it to


How do I even do this? I am a totally new at this, I always used the GUI to install software directly.

yay --editmenu -S pamac-aur

I would recommend you switch to pamac-all instead of doing that.

For one thing, everytime the package updates you are going to remake the change and handle it manually.

I know pamac-all didn’t work for you on first attempt but I think your time would be better spent solving that problem instead.


okay, thank you. Let me try pamac-all again. By any chance are you using it? Does it work well for you?

I am not but many other people are.

I would try installing it with yay -S pamac-all and then if it fails, share the output from the command here so we can help you.

okay, will do so. Perhaps later, will post it here again. Thanks!

It worked!
Not sure what I did wrong the first time. I reinstalled the OS the only thing different I did this time was I did not install the hardened kernel. Though, it was not in use the last time I was building the package.

Also, another thing I did different was I did not remove the make dependence after the build. I don’t know if that should change things.


But no, neither of those things should have mattered.

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The best thing about the whole exercise is that you have learned more than you would have using a GUI.