Need help creating IMWheel startup service


I’d like to make a couple scripts run on boot-up instead of on logon such as 2.3 in this wiki:

After I reload the systemd manager configuration with:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

but I can’t find the service when I try to:
sudo systemctl start ?

and I get an error with:
sudo systemctl start ~/.config/systemd/user/imwheel.service

Failed to start home-julian-.config-systemd-user-imwheel.service.mount: Unit home-julian-.config-systemd-user-imwheel.service.mount not found.

Reason I’ve gone down this rabbit hole is that the AUR package for discord running on electron scroll speed is maddeningly slow so I tried the following fix however it fails to startup on boot or login and requires me to manually install it again:

I appreciate any and all help with this and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in any way.

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If this is a user service you don’t need sudo.

Also try:

systemctl --user enable --now imwheel.service

for enabling and starting it at the same time.

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If you want to start a user service you need to do it like this:

systemctl --user start imwheel.service
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Thanks guys, that was it.

I think I’m going to recreate a new post for the other startup script and edit the original post accordingly for clarity.

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