Need education: Dual monitors

So, I bought myself a 34 inch curved gaming monitor which should arrive Saturday. I currently am running a six year old 29 inch flat screen monitor. My CPU (AMD) has an integrated limited GPU, and I am currently using an AMD 7700 GPU on HDMI to the monitor.
What I think I will do is use DisplayPort from 7700 GPU to the curved monitor.
However, I’ve never used a dual setup and I really don’t know much about it. Would it be even possible for the 7700 to drive two monitors or should I consider the integrated GPU on the CPU?
Anything you tell me will probably be educational, since I have no experience with dual monitors.

Plug them both into your AMD 7700, that should be no issue. You might just need to arrange how they’re positioned in your display settings.

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Well the 34 inch arrived last night. I have it happily connected now, though HDR seems a bit weird on Plasma (currently disabled) due to being a bit flickery, otherwise very happy with my purchase.
I’m questioning (at the moment) if I have any need for dual, because I feel like I’m in front of a theatre screen now, and head space virtually filled haha. I’ll think about it a while as I accustom myself to the new monitor.

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Glad to hear it’s working :sunglasses:

The HDR capabilities of Plasma are still a work in progress.

The brightness of modern screens, particularly ones supporting HDR, can also be very intense! I use a professional colour calibrator for my work, and when adjusted for video and photography work, I’m taking my screens brightness down to just 34% to meet standards. It actually makes it much easier to work with.

I hear you about brightness. Due to a bug (which I have reported and re-reported to the devs, and which got reactivated last week lol), my brightness gets progressively lower when the monitor is sent to sleep. And yes, I can almost call it a feature with this new monitor hahahaa