Nautilus - backspace

hi everone,

i have not touched Gnome since way back whenUbuntu first introduced unity, but i am giving it another go. I really like it so far. but i have a big issue with nautilus. it bugs me that i have to use both hands to jump a folder back.

i have found this solution here:

but i could not get it to work.

maybe there is a different solution to this issue.
thank you for your help

Both jokingly :rofl: and seriously :100: - the solution is: Use Nemo instead.

An additional benefit is, you can press F3 to open two panes at once. :wink:

PS: If you literally meant back, as in the previous folder, then I think all Nautilus-based file managers use the same shortcuts, unfortunately. But if you meant the parent folder, then backspace does the job in Nemo.

To get this functionality, you’d probably have to use Dolphin, which is the best file manager anyway, so it’s not really a sacrifice, unless you are anti-QT/KDE.

EDIT: Just found this from the issues from the GitHub Repo (the only “issue” - There’s an arch package:

It’s officially supported too: python-nautilus. So, if this doesn’t work out the box, then my Nemo/Dolphin suggestion would be the “solution” (really a workaround).