Mystery folder

Mystery folder /home/tom/BFF and in the folder are 2 files Test Page.gDiqrs.brf and Test Page.s9eF4a.brf. I have try look in the files but I just get the message Unknown file type.
Can anyone throw any light on to what there files are.


Can you run pacman -Qo on those files to see which package owns them?

Edit: I googled the file format. It turns out that it’s Braille Ready Format

Running pacman -Ss braille yields the following two packages:

extra/brltty 6.5-3
    Braille display driver for Linux/Unix
extra/liblouis 3.24.0-1
    Open-source braille translator and back-translator

And also

$ yay -Ss braille
aur/printer-driver-indexbraille-git r125.2995b05-1 (+0 0.00)
    CUPS filter/driver for Index Braille Embossers. Includes support for Index-direct-Braille (idB)
aur/liblouis-git 3.24.0.r1.gadef2526-1 (+0 0.00)
    An open-source braille translator, back-translator and formatter
aur/brailleblaster-bin 2.0.40-1 (+0 0.00)
    a braille translater written in java
aur/python-blindspin 2.0.1-1 (+1 0.00) (Orphaned)
    Braille Spinner for Python
aur/brltty-minimal 6.0-2 (+1 0.00) (Orphaned)
    Braille display driver for Linux/Unix (minimal version)
aur/brltty-git 6.5.r120.gb382254b2-2 (+2 0.00)
    Braille display driver for Linux/Unix (development version)
aur/emacs-speechd-el-git 20180105.0b25d3e-2 (+4 0.00)
    Emacs speech and Braille output interface
aur/talkingarch-git 0.0-1 (+5 0.00)
    Builds TalkingArch, an unofficial Arch Linux live CD with speech and braille support added
aur/ttf-ubraille 001.000-11 (+7 0.00)
    Unicode Braillt font
aur/bdf-creep 0.31.r23.g98bbf59-1 (+8 0.03)
    A pretty sweet 4px wide pixel font with box-drawing, powerline, braille and sparklines glyphs.
extra/liblouis 3.24.0-1 (2.3 MiB 12.4 MiB)
    Open-source braille translator and back-translator
extra/brltty 6.5-3 (1.8 MiB 9.3 MiB)
    Braille display driver for Linux/Unix

Do you, by any chance, happen to have one of those packages installed?

They could be a printer test page - but why the folder BFF - it raises my suspision - I wouldn’t try to open them - you can use the command to indicate what content - if binary throw them away or submit to an online virus scanner - just to be curios

file ~/BFF/Test\ Page.gDiqrs.brf

If the file is a braille format then the printer test seems a likely cause.


Thanks for the quick replys. I have just installed ClamAV and scan them and it come back with No threat found. I will just leave them alone as there are only 510.8kb. Maybe printer test pages has I was having trouble setup my printer a few weeks back.

It’s in the user’s home directory. So it does not belong to a package. pacman will never install files to your home directory – package management never touches userspace.


But hey, if it was visually impaired at the time you can hardly hold a mistake against it…

[EDIT] As to the question mark comment; pacman was (supposedly, as per suggestion…) installing something to do with Braille; was supposedly then experiencing some visual impairment issue; should as such be forgiven for wrongly positioning a few files.

See how funny that was?

ba dum tss


Ha! Thanks!