My UKUI taskbar and icon not display

I tried to install Ukui(because I wanted to test it) using the package manager.
After the reboot, I try Ukui (I also have gnome as my desktop environment) all apps on startup are working but I can’t display the taskbar(and see no setting related to it), and the icon on the desktop not display too.

Does someone know how to fix this?
thank you in advance!

Nah… why would I install a Chinese DE with the manuals written in worse than bad (auto-translated) English?

I want to test it, I’m actually trying all desktop environments to find one that suits my needs


Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Desktop hopping is common here, and eventually you will find the closest ideal desktop environment. Seldom does anyone find what is Perfect for your use case, but one can come close.

Happy Hopping.



first thing i would check is to create a new user and try login to ukui with it so you do not have interfering configs…

sudo useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash testuser
sudo passwd testuser

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Ok. So how would you describe your needs?

@jeremlands is trying out other desktop environments and that is the fun of running a Linux-based system, isn’t it?
In this case, the OP is asking for help and advice for UKUI. So, please, don’t turn this into a DE vs. DE thread, that isn’t helping anyone. :wink: