My take on EndeavourOS

I’m kind of tired of reading what other people say about Endeavour so I wrote my own. I maintain a blog, which is a mixture of Hardware & Software but it’s not famous. I started the blog not too long ago, so there are only three posts. But I intend to keep writing stuff as time permits.

Here is the link I appreciate it if you guys have a look and let me know what should I change.

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Search your article for “Endeavor”


I love than @manuel is like Madonna and is only known by one name.

I appreciate you don’t call it a beginner distro, although you may have missed lunch. YAY = yet another yaourt, not yogurt.

There is no 32bit support - Arch doesn’t support it outside of arch32.

Otherwise, 2 years isn’t exactly new. But I guess it’s newer than some distros.

I copied that from here

Nope, it’s yogurt

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It must be a joke. . . hahaha. Originally it was yet another yaourt, Nevermind then. Curdled dairy it is!

Yaourt is french for yogurt :smiley:

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I love dev’s with a sense of humor. That’s way funnier now that you say that. hahahaha.

I think it’s not a big time blog so I don’t get my article in search and I just published.

I still smirk at liboobs :smiley:

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You’re certainly not going to if you mispell EndeavourOS a bunch of times either. I think I counted 4.

F**ing yogurt. :rofl:

That might be Grammary I’ll check again.

In American - I would spell it Endeavor. English it’s Endeavour. Pinky out; gotta say it with class.

Looks like it is time to try another extension :wink:

It’s not entirely Grammarly’s fault it’s just that as @fbodymechanic said Grammarly is more toward US English. So it kind of changes Endeavour to Endeavor. I changed the spelling mistakes.


Endeavour strives to strick the middle ground between distribution for advanced users and the intermediate or the enthusiast user.

Should be strike

It’s a good blog. Very well done. :grinning:

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You missed mine. strike :innocent:

You need to stop worrying about things that come through the translator in a way that emotionally affects you. Do not get upset because what is translated is not what you wanted to read. Sit back and think about what the other individual was trying to say. Only then can you rise to the level of jedi master…



Which was archived within almost 2 years.

I think you meant achieved (to accomplish something), not archived (which means to store something). If I notice other errors, I"ll help report them.

EndeavourOS tries to be close its base distribution


EndeavourOS tries to be close to its base distribution

(I guess)

Due to this a user of Endeavour kind of needs to know he/her way around Linux and the terminal.



This is a tough one:

A set of loyal community members is continuing

is or are?

Keep up the good work!
Good luck!