My system isn't booting

Just download ArcoD ISO which contains everything and then select the stuff you want to install.

I tried arco, also created my own iso, but the problem is there is too much choice for a newbie, even I am overwhelmed during install. I would argue that eos is much much simpler.

Don’t get me wrong, they put a super distro together with lots of flavors.

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Yeah, they have too many options but it does give most users the chance to try stuff out without much issue. Like WM-based interface, Arco does have pretty good preconfigs for most of them.

There was a version that comes with xfce, openbox and i3 I think. That is a good concept to try out wm.

But too much is preconfigured and too many additional things for me. Prefer clean and lean install. They have also that choice somewhere amongst all the versions.

I agree with you, enos a good distro for people who have somewhat of a knowledge of how Linux works, who is not scared of getting their hands dirty, and want to do their own thing. But that’s not for all.

Most people need to be eased in I personally think Arco kind of have that covered with their site being built as a course path to follow.

Switching to a different distro isn’t going to resolve the current issue of it booting on an install of EOS using rEFInd and having a kernel panic.

Good luck!

No but, if that problem only occurs with EOS, you can pretty much tell is a problem with the EOS system he used, as if he couldn’t install EOS fresh, too.
That is called “exclusion procedure”. Pretty common on error research if some usual “workaround” things don’t work.

If you have any better solution you are free to tell him, of course.

if only the system was installed… A little problem that first happened in the firt time i tried to instal endeavour but was easily worked around by shutting the pc down and booting again now came back and isn’t going away anymore, the prooblem is in the middle of the installation more specifically in “installing packages” section, not only calamaris, the hole sistem just freeze, as i said in the first time this happened i just forcefully shutted the pc down booted it again and restarted the installation, it worked normally after this but now is happening every time i try to install a sistem (at least endeavour and arcolinux the ones i tried)

In Endeavor i tryed restarting 2 times after this problem became like this and in arcolinux i just tried installing it one time

This to me sounds like hardware failure (maybe bad superblock or sth similar). Checking with a different HDD or SSD could give a hint, if that’s the case.
Maybe even writing a new partition table on the current device with e.g. gparted solves the issue.

Oh, ok! But how do i crate a new partition table? I just need to recreate the partition I’m going to install the sistem?

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask here before performing any disk manipulation.

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Ok, Thanks!

Wait a minute, to create a new partition table i need to erase everything in my disk? Oh, then i cant do this

Personally i think it’s a bad install. How was the live ISO created? Did you try updating the mirrors first before starting the install?

I downloaded this isos from their original websites and created the flash usb using ventoy

Have you tried another install updating the mirrors first from the welcome app on the live ISO?

I always update the mirrors before installing

Did you try only one install?

In arco yes, in endeavour no. actually, I’m trying one more time in arco With the basic install mode right now last time i used the advanced mode

And using Arco what happened?