My pc dont boot today

my pc is not booting today.

I noticed that two data are missing from the grub:




after that it goes to the menu from where i can select the kernel.

no matter which kernel i select after

loading kernel linux-lts
initial ramdisk is loaded

this is where it stucks


nothing works anymore

because of missing AUR packages


i have uninstalled it yesterday.

I also have checked in


to disable.

what is the solution for me here?

thanks already

Can you show the contents of your /etc/default/grub?

no, because i couldnt boot into tyy as well. I have no access

And you don’t have the USB installer stick?

i got one. what do i have to do ?
you must explain to me clearly what to do. i am not an expert in such things.

Here are the instructions:
Note that this assumes your system boots in UEFI mode instead of Legacy BIOS mode.
UEFI is typical for most current machines.

So you need to arch-chroot into your system after booting the USB installer.

Then, in arch-chroot, you can give command

cat /etc/default/grub | eos-sendlog

and show the resulted URL here.

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@manuel thank you for your help. here is the output:

That file looks fine at a quick glance.
To check if the problem is caused by removing package grub2-theme-endeavouros, you can install it with command

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/grub2-theme-endeavouros-20220602-1-any.pkg.tar.zst

if you have it there in the package cache.
If you don’t have it, I can show you where to get it.

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error: /var/cache/pacman/pkg/grub2-theme-endeavouros-20220602-1-any.pkg.tar.zst: could not find or read file

it seems i dont have it anymore

OK, you can fetch and install it (in arch-chroot) with commands

pacman -U grub2-theme-endeavouros-20220602-1-any.pkg.tar.zst

Note that you probably should edit /etc/default/grub to use the grub theme like before, and run grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg before reboot.

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many thanks ill try it later. have to go to work far a few hours. ill be back in three hours on my pc

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Since grub menu is functional, your issue (boot failure) is not related to grub theme.

Nevertheless, can you explain how did you notice this?:

You might want to try a different kernel.
The posted image shows linux-zen, while you write linux-lts. What is the right one?

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it comes immediately after booting before the boot screen shows up


why didnt my picture taken from my smartphone shown?

i have tried with each kernel on my system. lts, zen and normal one

What have you done (:scream: ) on your system before shutting down?
If you had updated/installed/removed system packages, post a list of those.
Or describe what other configuration change you have done on the system (not user/DE).

couldnt tell you :sweat_smile:

please tell me how to post list while i dont have access to my pc. could i do it in chroot?
when yes, please tell me how? i am not an expert in that kind of problems…

all i can say i have updated yesterday the regular way

Then, it’s time to improve yourself on this :wink: .

  • Boot to your installer ISO,
  • start a file manager,
  • mount your installation’s root partition (or whichever partition includes /var/log folder),
  • open /var/log/pacman.log with a text editor
  • navigate to the end of the file
  • locate the latest transactions and copy them
  • post those here in code format, (or to a pastebin web service and share the link)
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done. here is the log.

i’m about to do it :wink:
with the help of all of you!