My os menu selection timeout is 600s

How do i fix this error? already change timeout to 3s from /efi/loader/loader.conf.


default 93455361c2e04bb89c4046752d09b6c8*
timeout 3
console-mode auto
reboot-for-bitlocker 1

bootctl status

Failed to execute 'pager', will try 'less' next: Permission denied
Failed to read "/efi/EFI/systemd": Permission denied
Failed to open '/efi//loader/loader.conf': Permission denied
      Firmware: UEFI 2.40 (Lenovo 0.4416)
 Firmware Arch: x64
   Secure Boot: disabled
  TPM2 Support: firmware only, driver unavailable
  Measured UKI: no
  Boot into FW: supported

Current Boot Loader:
      Product: systemd-boot 255.7-1-arch
     Features: ✓ Boot counting
               ✓ Menu timeout control
               ✓ One-shot menu timeout control
               ✓ Default entry control
               ✓ One-shot entry control
               ✓ Support for XBOOTLDR partition
               ✓ Support for passing random seed to OS
               ✓ Load drop-in drivers
               ✓ Support Type #1 sort-key field
               ✓ Support @saved pseudo-entry
               ✓ Support Type #1 devicetree field
               ✓ Enroll SecureBoot keys
               ✓ Retain SHIM protocols
               ✓ Menu can be disabled
               ✓ Boot loader sets ESP information
          ESP: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/72ee3111-cddb-4fe4-88dd-e84fe36c5574
         File: └─/EFI/systemd/systemd-bootx64.efi

This is not correct. Please check the permissions of files and folders.

Try the following and see if it will resolve the issue:

sudo bootctl install
sudo reinstall-kernels

Thank you for your help and answer guys, but i already decided to reinstall my OS.