My Nvidia Non-Free installer problem

This issue has persisted for me for several months and I thought it would have been fixed over time but apparently it wouldn’t seem so.

After install I am left with no tty at all, black screen. Kernel loading doesn’t even show up like the “Welcome to endeavouros” print you get at boot.
I was able to install via using the noveau drivers.
I’ve tried for several months to fix my issue and has persisted over 2 generations of graphics cards (GTX 1080 and RTX 3070 Ti) and have tried countless threads regarding this issue for “novideo” drivers for endeavouros on two different systems but not having access to tty at all is terrible and leaves me with practically a Linux bricked system. Results are equal on both systems.

Hardware 1:
Gigabyte Aorus B550 Pro AC
Ryzen 5 5600x
RTX 3070 Ti
2x16gb CL18 4000mhz.
2tb Samsung 970 Evo + 1tb Crucial MX500

Hardware 2:
Asus p8Z77-LK
i7 3770k
GTX 1080
4x4gb 2133mhz
500gb Samsung 860 Evo

are you installing the drivers by nvidia-installer-dkms ?

I guess, I will try reinstalling and scan through the calimares terminal when I get the chance to, plus I was using the offline installer. (Online installer same results)

To install the nvidia drivers after installing.

sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer-dkms

Not sure why you are having an issue with it. After installing the nvidia drivers this way it is recommended to do all of the optional enhancements that are on the wiki for nvidia.

Is there a way to do this from the installer iso? Because after install I cannot get a output at all or input into tty when booted onto the medium.
As soon as grub loads the kernel that’s all I get from video output.
If there is a way then that’s awesome and will try in the morning.

The online install used to have a check box for nvidia. The current iSO i honestly can’t remember if it still does. I would have to stick the iso in my nvidia machine and check. If you have it running on nouveau currently then you could just install the drivers and do all the optional enhancements Then reboot.

How do I force calimares to not install the nvidia-install-dkms package when installing?
I can use the installer iso fine by choosing the free drivers, as soon as I choose non-free I get a black screen. And after install it auto installs the non free drivers I believe.

I’m not sure on that. There were a lot of issues with nvidia not loading properly hence the black screen Those have been alleviated with the optional enhancements. As far as the ISO goes it’s been so long since I’ve had anyone with any nvidia issues. I’m going to stick this ISO in my nvidia machine and have a look at it. Currently we are working on development of a new ISO. I’ll have to ask or test it on my machine to see what the nvidia install is set up to do now. I’ve been mostly on Ryzen with amd lately.

Okay so i stuck the current ISO in my Nvidia machine. You boot on the non free otherwise it won’t boot. The ISO boots on nouveau but install the nvidia drivers. What you need to do is install the system then switch to a tty and do all the optional enhancements as per the wiki. Those enhancements should correct the issue with it booting to a black screen. Once you do all the enhancements you should be able to boot into the desktop normally from the tty.

Edit: I myself have both a GTX 1060 and a GTX 1650. I helped lots of users install and set up nvidia with the optional enhancements and haven’t had any issues. There was a period there where nvidia driver updates caused these black screens and that is because when they install they don’t set up properly. That is the reason we use the dkms version and the optional enhancements.

Edit@: You could probably just boot to tty and if that isn’t possible then i would boot on the live ISO and arch-chroot into the system and do the optional enhancements and then try booting up.


In user-packages.txt (or something simliar) I always add:

It’s the most reliable way of getting nvidia to work for me. I have issues with the drivers so often but this always seems to work.


in liveusers homefolder there is a file called user_pkglist.txt adding any package you want to install and save the file will add them to be installed…

And ISO has a boot option to boot on Nvidia Drivers, and installer will automatically install Nvidia Drivers if the system is booted on Nvidia Drivers. If you are booting on nouveau drivers installed system should not have Nvidia drivers installed.

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Just to mention, ever since nvidia introduced using GPUs being utilized inside VMs I have never been able to use the up to date drivers (465).
Even with a system that is usable, I had to blacklist the Nvidia update in pacman.
Problem is being that for my gpu to be supported I need to 465 or higher.
Anyways I will try your guys suggestions ASAP and get report what happens.

Can confirm after adding those commands into that text file it is installing Nvidia stuffs.
After that it worked completely fine, inxi -Ga reads out that I am indeed using the Nvidia 470.63.01 driver after install.

Thank you for your help everyone, you are awesome.


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