My KDE Settings are messed up please help!

The above is what I’m using, I have no clue why my EndeavourOS Desktop became like this. I swear I had a Desktop Environment like it was when I first installed the Operating System on my ROG Zephyrus G14 2022. But after a reboot it became completely different that makes some system apps completely unusable.

Furthermore, when I right click on desktop and click on Display Settings, nothing comes up, whereas before rebooting, everything was fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Things to point out:

  1. My settings app is completely unsuable
  2. My Dolphin is also unusable with the text blending in with the background
  3. I also have my neofetch in the terminal, as well as a command outputting my current DE.
  4. The text scaling doesn’t work.

What I’ve done before rebooting:

  1. Installed the tools on
  2. Installed nvidia-inst to get the command working and to be able to download latest drivers
  3. Enabled bluetooth through sudo systemctl enable bluetooth

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Umm according to the neofetch in the screenshot you showed your using GNOME not KDE, what are you leaving out?


I noticed that too, very weird. The settings app itself is called KDE System Settings, but in terminal it says I have GNOME installed. Did I accidentally install two Desktop Environments at the same time?

If there is anymore information I could provide that would help in identifying this, please do bring it up! Arch Linux newbie here :stuck_out_tongue:


Look here and post the relevant logs

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Weird. Breeze Theme and Icons, Gnome DE, Mutter WM. Surely something wrong here.

Yer when OP pastes some logs we should be able to figure it, but I think they may have selected more than 1 DE

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He has certainly installed a lot of things out of order. We can only wait for logs


Thanks for pointing that article! Here’s the information:

Hardware information:

Boot log:

Partition and format info:

Feel free to point out any other logs that I can provide, that article had a lot of logs so I thought the hardware and boot log would be the most important ones (I could still be wrong)

According to this you are using GNOME, 3rd line down. If you want KDE you may want to re-intstall and make sure if it is an online install you only select 1 DE


Do you recommend to just reinstall the OS? And is it possible to select more than one DE in the installation for EOS? Because I remember it being a button and not a checklist for the selection of the DEs though during the installation process

I’d like to avoid accidentally installing another DE when I didn’t really want to install another DE to begin with. It’d be great to figure out the cause of me installing the other DE by accident

If you are unsure and want KDE I would suggest an offline install than update after as it will only install KDE as it cannot install anything else. However if you want another DE just be careful as you go through the steps and only select 1 option when you get to the DE selection. You can access the forum easily on a phone during install )or even in the Live but I reccommmend phone) if you are unsure at a step ask and wait, I and a few others will probably be here.


Great example of how unfamiliar Gnome 4x can be. OP straight up panicked. :joy:

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OP thought it was KDE

I know. That’s the point.

True my brain is so confused right now, hopefully they figure it out but I;m gonna take me a break before my mind does it

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If it were me i would do an online install using the nvidia option. Then deal with whatever issues you may or may not have. It is a hybrid laptop with nvidia and it’s is an Asus ROG which tend to have some issues sometimes.

Hey everyone! Decided to go with @smokey 's suggestion, and it worked! Did an offline install, used the system for a few times, restarted, and voila, somehow I didn’t install a second DE on top of another DE :rofl:

Thanks so much for everyone’s prompt response in my issue, this has got to be the fastest replies I’ve received in an issue, especially in a forum :grimacing: really appreciate it!


Glad you got it installed right, hope your enjoying your new setup

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