My first! UX proposal to Gnome!

After reading about the new UX design changes to Gnome 40, I’ve decided I could add my own opinions to improve it! This is actually the first time I’ve ever contributed to an open-source project so it was both exciting and daunting haha.

The issue can be seen here

Basically. Gnome 40 activities overviewGnome 40 UI 1 looks like this.
in the current state, I can’t see all of the virtual desktops available, and moving one app to another will zoom further, creating a lot of wasted space, which makes the UI too tiny.

My proposal fixes this issue as all of the virtual desktops are visible on the top of the screen.
Gnome 40 UI change proposal

Created with, yours truly, Krita.


That would certainly be an improvement if they’d choose to implement it!

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You have my upvote!

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Mine too :slight_smile: