My first Arch OS

Just wanted to say hi! - I have been using Linux about 1 year, started with Ubuntu. I have tried to install Arch a few times but not quite there yet, I even got right to the end once and it refused to reboot, it said I didn’t have permission access denied lol. Really liking Endeavour OS so far and it’s the first Arch base I’ve used. The only non Ubuntu base I ever used before now was Fedora Workstation 38 with vanilla Gnome which was actually really nice.


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hello @hikingferal
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I’m new too and this is my first Arch. These guys here are fast responders and informative so never be afraid to ask stupid questions like I always do.
Also–I like Fedora 37 and followed in to 38 for 6 months…reliable…reputable…stable, hard to break…rpm easy…whole thing was easy…too easy? Always felt like I was computing in a bubble in Fedora it’s hard to describe. Unrelated: Endeavour is a blast.

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Welcome @hikingferal
Once you’re here…you never go back! :wink:

Edit: Probably the best hike you’ve made yet!

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Hello and welcome @hikingferal :wave: I see that @ricklinux has already made the obligatory hiking joke :clown_face:

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Welcome to the forum @hikingferal !

Welcome to the forum @hikingferal

Welcome to the dark side @hikingferal

Welcome to the forums! I think you’ll find this approach to arch much more enjoyable.

Welcome to the purple kids club :enos:

Welcome to the purple universe @hikingferal ! :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag: :enos:

Welcome to the forum @hikingferal :enos: :enos_flag:

I am also new to this realm. I’m loving it so far. Same gnome DE but less RAM and super fast. I chose btrfs and installed timeshift. Everything is working out of the box.

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Glad to meet you! :smiley:
Wishing you the best of good times with this awesome group of highly knowledgeable users, programmers, system administrators and great volunteers. As a user I’ve been having such a wonderful experience since april.

If you like to read, there’s a lot of references in the support answers from the volunteers to wikis, documents, howtos etc … which makes it a very valuable OS. :penguin:

See you down the log! Take care,

Welcome! @hikingferal Same here, also first Arch distro, it’s been really pleasant so far. Man the software selection here is the best I’ve seen. Everything is in the AUR. Really makes my life a lot easier. Just awesome.

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