My computer no longer turns on after installing the system

I press and nothing happens

I’m not 100% it’s the F2 key. It could be also F8 or F9 or F11 Also press it multiple times quickly after power on.

It may also be the F1, or F10. I have seen pretty much each one used over the years. Thinkpads use F1 for Enter Setup, and F12 for selecting Boot Device. I would walk my way through them, and start pressing before that screen even comes up. If you do get into your BIOS turn off Secure Boot (works on Ubuntu, but not on Arch), also depending on the BIOS other setting may interfere with Linux installs. Secure Boot is the big one.

I did that, I turned it on and pressed the f1, f2, f3 keys… but it didn’t work

Mine doesn’t even enter the bios anymore

Are you not able to boot on a USB drive?

No, that’s the problem, when I had a problem with xubuntu, I managed to get into the BIOS and start it with a windows after removing the hd

I don’t think installing the system should have anything to do with why it’s not starting. If you disconnect the drive it won’t boot and go into the Bios screen? Definitely something has happened to the hardware.


I’ll give up trying to recover my pc, thank you so much for trying to help me, I’ll see if I can buy another one without spending a lot of money, because the price here is absurd

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