My battery drops from 77% to 6%

I’m using an old laptop which I rescued some months ago using :enos:. The battery has the 36% of its maximum capacity but this issue didn’t present before Kernel 6.0.5. I’m not sure if the kernel is the problem, but this issue has been driving me crazy the past few days…

The newest kernels suit mostly newer hardware which need support for drivers etc.

There is next to no benefit of running the latest kernel on an old machine which might very well be doing just fine on LTS kernel. You will still receive updates to the LTS if you choose to stay on that.

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More than likely it’s just a coincidence. Old batteries do that when they are almost dead.


Aw man, I guess I gotta buy a new battery soon.

I mean, try the lts kernel. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it still happens.

I don’t wanna mess with kernel swapping but thanks for the advice

Ok. Most people have both and should use the lts daily. It’s very simple, but to each their own. Good luck. Maybe the next update will fix it and you won’t need a battery.

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