Multiple displays

Just switched to EOS, and need some help.

I have an optimus laptop (AMD/NVIDIA) and use an external monitor. The external monitor is detected and works, but Gnome 42 Display Settings only allow to Join or Mirror the monitors, but not use Single monitor. On top of that, the settings do not persist through reboots.

I want to use only the external monitor, when it is connected, and would like the system to remember my choice/settings.

On a related note, how can I enable fractional scaling?

Any help greatly appreciated.

EDIT for clarity.

Do you have it configured in the UEFI to use switchable or discrete graphics?

How is this connected?

In BIOS it is set to Hybrid, but I installed Optimus Switch and set it to discrete graphics.

USB-C to USB hub and HDMI to monitor.

The setup worked fine under PopOS.

I believe the difference must be the use of Optimus switch.
I would try without it.
A related factor is that the external output is connected to nvidia dgpu.
Also some firmware/BIOS apply some automation on the Hybrid setup. Then, using an additional software automation may conflict and produce strange/uncontrolled results.

OK, will have to try with the Optimus Switch disabled and the laptop set to dGPU in BIOS. Thanks for the tip!

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