Multiple DEs setup

its been a long time since i have used more than one DE
my question here is, if i switch to another de and try to customize it via themes, is it possible to have the themes folder be seperate/isolated to that single DE instead of it being shared?

Having a different user for each installed DE is recommended, doesn’t mean there won’t still be conficts and annoying glitches related to multiple DEs on the same system though.

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I agree that using separate users is the cleanest approach.

However, as for theme conflicts, it depends on which 2 DEs you want to use. Some overlap and others don’t. You typically can’t just create different locations for them which is why using separate user accounts is advised.

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i see i see, ill see i can take you both up on that, thank you

Also, to avoid “bleed over” - edit your startup programs desktop files and add:

NotShowIn=KDE; # Example only

To stop pollution. (If you keep the same user like I do).