Multi-Platform Unified Desktop Environment - Kera Desktop

omg THIS!!! YES THISSSSS!!! :astonished:


Wasn’t really interested until I was about halfway through the page. Kind of started growing on me. I might give it a spin later in a vm.

No thank you.


Just joking around. While I’m not interested, it’s always nice to see new desktops, applications, etc. Choice is good.


Interesting, but after a quick look at their gitlab it looks like it runs in electron… Most electron apps are way too resource intensive. Also looks like it only runs web apps for now.

Edit: looks like it has some integrations for some web apps(messaging maybe, spotify, duolingo). I might install this in a headless server especially if it’s usable on mobile.


My hope is that evolves to the point that I can hand somebody’s Gramma a new laptop with EndeavorOS installed with Kera, and it looks exactly like their Android phone. …something like that lol

Unified UI would drastically innovate the end-user landscape both business and non-business environments alike.

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Ouch! If I did not read this comment, I would have thought it was something nice.
I like the interface, but Electron for a DE is too much intensive for my taste.

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