MTP problem

I cant see the Internal or External memory on my mobile in the file manager:


cable and everything is good.

done file transfer with the same cable and on the same mobile device this morning on windows.

  1. Make sure you have allowed access in device itself after connecting USB
  2. Try to close and launch Dolphin again it should work

I tried that too

Was that on the same PC?

check journal while plug-in device and try to open it in filebrowser:
journalctl -f
and check output for hints (always the first thing I would do)

This has suddenly happened to me too. Works on windows and a kubuntu installation.

Problem is libmtp which was upgraded a couple of days ago to 1.1.19-1. Downgrade to previous version works. libmtp 1.1.18-1.
This is also on the arch forum.


to complete…

we have downgrade preinstalled sudo downgrade libmtp
But keep an eye on updates so that you do not forget to have it downgraded… best is not top add it to ignore list.

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Now I have tested with three devices redmi note 4
Relme 5i and a old Samsung (don’t know the model)

Mtp is working with later two devices ,but not with redmi note 4

But on windows and manjaro all devices are detected.

Isn’t this why we love Arch/Arch-based systems! :rofl: :rofl:

Did you

and pick version



Sometimes I feel like doing workarounds

i.e. Run FTP server off Android phone