Mtb computer


any bike enthusiasts here around who can recommend a compact, linux friendly gps computer?

i highly doubt any will ship with native software, so connection via usb (mass-storage device) for easy data transfer should be possible.

i read about some garmin devices which might fit in, but they were quite expensive, heavy units and are also not sold anymore.

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A battery and a Raspberry Pi, and you’re good to go. It should be small enough to mount on an MTB.

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yeah, diy spirit, like it.

now only to watch out for a waterproof shell, a small display and software and this could be it, i guess :slight_smile:

I bike alot and found one I like. Here’s the link to their products.
I’ve found it much less expensive than the Garmin, but dont feel like I’m missing anything.

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sounds good, which one did you actually get then?

Cause I"m cheap I have the Bryton Rider One, but I purchased the cadence and heart rate options to go with it. The main unit was like $49.00 from Amazon. Used it for two years and its working great.

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is fw updates possible too via mstorage mode?

Wish I could help there, I ended up with Win7 in a VM to do the updates with.
No problem transferring files by either Bluetooth or a cable on my laptop, just the update software is a windows thing unfortunetly.

i will def. have to look into it. thanks for recommending!

the rider 15 looks very promising :sunny:

what i am not sure about is:

speed sensor/tyre options - this is a gps device, so installing a speed sensor/setting up tyres should be obsolete? one can purchase sensors optionally, so perhaps it is meant to be for more accurate results? to me, one reason to go with a gps device is to finally get rid of the speed sensor attached to my bike.

altitude options seem to ask for a smartphone and bryton-app to be unlocked (this is how i understood the video, need to check the manual more carefully)? i really hope all functions are avaiable/adjustable in the device menu itself, without the need for extra hardware?

so far, i could not find a screenshot displaying altitude, actual height (and perhaps speed) alltogether. this feature would be very interesting to me, hope it is possible after all?

No, tire size makes a difference in the calculation of speed/distance and yes it does make a more accurate reading to have the local sensors. The speed / mileage works just fine with no additional sensors, but to get cadence or heart rate you need the extra’s. The Rider One which I have does not do the altitude, but it does link to my cell phone and automatically syncs with Strava. The more expensive units do have the altitude available but I’ve never used those. The unit I have has 4 screens which can be programmed to display basically anything you want and of course you can go between them with the push of a button.

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again - thanks a lot for your help and good suggestion.