MPV is amazing!

Just got this idea early in the morning. can you post the comparison screenshot of MPV after applying the script. Please ignore if i am asking too much.

Very much agree with the Heading of this topic. Hence the post.

Been using mpv as my default video/audio player since I switched to Linux about 6-7 years ago.

Last few months, found another use !! mpv as an image viewer. Already a few great github repos out there, so nothing new. But I combined some HQ shaders/scalers ( again, probably not the first to do so.) But still, some might find this useful. Also, I’m looking to improve the image viewer. Especially testing out different shader/scaler combinations. Any help is much appreciated.

I call it mpvi ( not very original, I know :smile: ). I use to view slideshows so it is set up that way. Can easily be tweaked for other scenarios of course. Made a small shell script and put it in .local/bin and added to PATH.


cd "$1"
mpv --fbo-format=rgba16f --gpu-api=opengl --term-status-msg= --sub-auto=no --audio-file-auto=no --mute=yes --prefetch-playlist=yes --no-osc --msg-level=all=status --no-config --glsl-shaders-append="~/.config/mpv/shaders/FSRCNNX_x2_16-0-4-1_enhance.glsl" --image-display-duration=5 --fullscreen --cscale=lanczos --correct-downscaling=yes --linear-downscaling=no --deband=no --shuffle --dscale=catmull_rom --input-conf=~/.config/mpv/input.conf *

Using KrigBilateral for cscale increases quality but not by much. It, however, takes a lot of processing power. Same is true for SSimDownscaler as dscaler. My hardware cannot handle it real-time. Most cpu+gpu made in the last 5 years could though I haven’t done extensive testing. SSimSuperRes or ravu for luma-upscaling also produces High Quality images but I personally prefer FSRCNNX.

mpv is nowhere as fast as feh, at least with these settings and with my limited hardware. But I very much prefer the uplift in image quality. In fact, the quality difference is quite staggering, at the cost of cpu + gpu power.

P.S I use the FSRCNNX enhance version instead of the normal one. Because I find it produces slightly better images for low-quality images (of course image quality is highly subjective). Also the directory for slideshow is network so playlist prefetch is used. Not sure whether it helps much though. Need a slower net connection to test.

Also, the input.conf has these 2 extra lines. First to the delete, second to copy the current file.

Ctrl+DEL run "/usr/bin/rm" "-v" "${path}"
Ctrl+s run "/usr/bin/cp" "-v" "${path}" "~/Pictures/"
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