Mozilla's Latest Venture


the sell job on this really makes me sad when you think of who they are pitching to specifically. Really sad.
Would of re-thought the pitch here…but I support any mission statement that says " We’re not following the typical social media playbook, here, and that’s intentional."

but cringe at the rest: "Everything you post on Didthis is private by default.** If you want, you can choose to share a link to your project with anyone you want: friends, family, or fellow hobbyists on social media or the “cozy web.”

seems to be a place you can already do that. If this gets huge, it will be interesting from a sociological perspective.

If I posted a tutorial, for example, at a Buick engine rebuild site, and everybody thought it was cool except for one guy who said I was “a moron” for not using grade 8 bolts on the steel intake manifold because I’d be begging for trouble…then I could take my ball and go home and march to the firefox app?

Not judging good or bad, just saying the internet (for now) never becomes uninteresting to observe;)

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