Moving from Plasma to Qtile

Hey everyone!

I am new to Endeavour (have been running Plasma for about a week now) and I absolutely love it. I am currently on Plasma but I want to move back over to Qtile. Or at least install Qtile alongside Plasma. But I have seen a lot of talk about how you shouldn’t do that. I used Arco before this and had window managers installed with DE’s and everything worked fine. I was just wondering why people say you shouldn’t. Also, is there a way to install the community edition of Qtile so I don’t have to start from the ground up? I have no problem with doing that but it’s kind of nice to just be able to hack away on the config files that come with it.

I am super excited to be apart of the Endeavour community and I appreciate any responses in advanced!


I know it’s not at all your question, but just in case all you really want or need is tiling, you can have some nice tiling in Plasma through Bismuth.

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Oh, yeah. I really like Bismuth. My Plasma set up is set up just like my Qtile set up was. Keybindings and all! Haha. I have tried Plasma on other distros and it was always buggy. (Knock on wood) but EOS Plasma edition has been amazing and I haven’t had any persistent bugs like before. I am really liking it - but I just really miss Qtile :sweat_smile: I am just wondering if I should install Qtile and wipe Plasma out completely or run them together. Or if it is even possible to install the EOS Qtile and if not then I am assuming my only choice would be a fresh install. And in that case I may just stick with Plasma.


Great, I was just checking in case you didn’t know about Bismuth.

I don’t use or know QTile, so I’ve nothing specific to contribute to your question.

Since nobody else more knowledgeable has stepped up so far, I’ll just say this: “when in doubt, test it in a virtual machine”.

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I run plasma, sway & qtile, no problems. Find the github site for the qtile community edition, clone and copy the configs across.

Install everything in packages-repository.txt


Awesome, thank you. I thought that it would be fine seeing I have done it before with no issues but I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate it.