Moved from Laptop to Desktop and Need Graphics Help

So I finally built myself a desktop again and moved my nvme drive from the laptop to the desktop.

Everything worked perfectly!

The big thing is the graphics though. Went from a NVidia 3070ti Laptop to a AMD 6950XT.

How do I fully get rid of the NVidia graphics crap and have a clean boot?

Run pacman -Q | grep nvidia to identify what is installed in your system.

Generally for removing a package P with all its dependencies: sudo pacman -Rs P

Also look into /etc/xorg.conf.d/ to see if you have anything nvidia related. If so remove them.

pacman -Q | grep nvidia
lib32-nvidia-utils 550.54.14-1
nvidia-dkms 550.54.14-5
nvidia-hook 1.5-1
nvidia-inst 24-1
nvidia-settings 550.54.14-1
nvidia-utils 550.54.14-5

sudo pacman -Rs P nvidia-dkms
error: target not found: P

P was an example for the name of a Package you want to remove. It should be replaced by the real name of the package.

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Thanks! It worked!
Anything else I should do?

It feels so good going back from a laptop to a desktop. I forgot how crappy laptops are, even the high end ones compared to a desktop. :smiley:

That’s good to hear!

If you have removed any residue config files in the location I mentioned above, I should think you are fine. I don’t think they would have any adverse effect on the functioning of your system but for the sake of good housekeeping.

Also, if you are satisfied with the outcome of your inquiry, please consider marking the post pointing out the solution as such.

Enjoy your new system!

Now to get wayland working…

Should I create a new thread or just continue with this one?

If it is something DE and Wayland specific, I think you would get better attention from the people who know their stuff in these areas if you open a new thread.

Open a new thread and give it a “catchy” title :wink:

Will do and thank you again for your help!

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